A Passage to America   Talk Book: Essays in Stand Up Esoterica
Oedipus’ Reckoning: A Comedy of Oracles   Martyrs and Murderers
Max Brecher's Books to Buy

A select sampling of my books on varying themes and in different genres, written the old fashioned way: with passion, precision and care. Books that take you in and, hopefully, leave you somewhere else when stepping out the other end.

Novels about love and loss (not getting over it and moving on), the macro- and micro-mechanics of history (focusing on the Mau Mau rebellion in colonial Kenya), and how despite our best intentions most of us, individually and collectively, tend to act out archaic social-biological conditioning with disastrous consequences.

A “mythic realistic” roman about Oedipus, which drags that legendary mother fucker kicking and screaming into the 21st century and first tentatively asks and then no going back convinces its audience to discard everything they think they know about him and Greek tragedy in general. In your face and up your nose essays in stand up esoterica, with special zoom in on Freud, Michelangelo, Homer, Wittgenstein, Darwin, Moses, Jesus, sex, love, politics, men, women, science and spirituality.

And my most famous title to date, A Passage to America, a facts only journalistic investigation into the meteoric rise and faster fall of Rajneeshpuram, the scandal ridden city commune of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (aka “Osho”) plunked down in the heart of Oregon’s “Redneck Riviera”.

For discerning readers only.