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Angels and demons were garden variety facts of life in ancient times. They were supernatural beings - daimones - swooping like swift birds through the sublunary air, picking at the eyes, hearts, livers and lives of defenseless and nearly naked humans, and making them feel, dream and do things they never would have thought of alone.

While it must be straight out admitted that the borders between supernatural and natural haven't yet been successfully delineated, it can be said with several degrees of confidence that these ancient bugaboos are still very much with us. Even in the hippest and most upmarket urban environments and on the Net. Perhaps there more than anywhere else.

Our state of the art daimones are the mental stuff buzzing through our brains and blowing like whirlwinds in the social spaces between us. They are emotions, pictures, breasts, porno, ideas, shocks, sensations, terrors, conspiracies, rumors of the hottest and latest, best and brightest, and stray bits of useless information and hardly ever reliable news.

You name it, and chances are it's some flimsy whimsy masquerading as full blooded reality.

TALK BOOK is a sometimes rough ride through this turbulence. As the sub-title suggests, the setting is an imaginary cabaret or night club. The narrator is a stand up philosopher and rave artist sick unto death of living in a washing machine with the world's and his own very dirty and decrepit laundry. Of being pushed, pulled, seduced and abandoned by fleeting, fleecing, barely visible daimones.

Thus he's determined to flush them out of their holes, make them show their faces and tell their tales. Find out what, if anything, is behind all that huff, puff and bluff. Following a trail of scattered, apparently unrelated clues both personal and historical he skips and slips from one topic to another and wanders and wonders through the anything goes land between standard categories. He speaks of Freud, Michelangelo, Homer, Wittgenstein, Darwin, Moses, Jesus, sex, love, politics, men, women, science and spirituality.

TALK BOOK is an in your face experience filled with rage, amazement, humor and a constant capacity for the telling detail. Turn to any page or paragraph and you are bound to find something thought provoking or delightful. Sometimes both.

It is a collection of ten compact, mind accelerating essays where opposites collide and discuss the results. Mixing logic with love, water with wine, it squares circles and circles squares. In a brisk style, it brings to the attention many things that rarely get mentioned, let alone in the same context and breath. In my opinion, it is a jewel box, a minor classic. But also fun, provocative, and unpretentious.

I believe it sets the stage for a new vision, an authentic, no holds barred or going back Renaissance. And perhaps, who knows, long after all of us alive now have become ancient history for future generations, some might eventually agree with me.


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